Replacing banking with code

Annoyed with low bank interest rates, our founders first created CrescoFin for their own use: to make their money work harder for them.
Now, after months of incessant testing, it’s time to share it with the world.

In a nutshell

  • We offer a fully insured, high interest bank account alternative, for everyone.
  • In fiat and stablecoins¹. BTC to come.
  • Designed to bring new users into crypto, from all over the world.
  • Regulated in Switzerland.
  • Uniswap offering soon, at an initial investor price.

Our thesis is that for crypto to replace core banking you need to neutralize banks’ psychological advantage: insurance.²

We believe that decentralization + blockchain + insurance = mass adoption of a better banking model.

Our solution is simple:

  • We cut out the bank by matching liquidity with productive uses in the real economy.
  • We fully insure these productive uses (liquidity finance tied to major corporations)³ through the Lloyd’s insurance market in London.

The end result is an insured non-custodial bank account alternative on chain that pays an attractive rate of interest.⁴ Available globally.

From individuals in emerging markets to sophisticated institutions, we offer the same compelling deal to everyone: safety and yield. It is the first real DeFi alternative to a bank account.

We are all about mass adoption. While fiercely libertarian, we decided to seek regulation in Switzerland to reach the greatest possible user base, including institutions. Our total addressable market, for bank deposits, is enormous: $60.5 trillion.⁵

The current situation isn’t perfect. More is centralized than we want (e.g. depositor acceptance, insurance processes). Our end goal is for everything to be on-chain. We would like to replace ourselves with smart contracts, but accept that this needs to be done in stages. It is better to have a roadmap to pure DeFi than to wait for perfection.

Our Path to DeFi
Our Path to DeFi


Here is what we have in the works:

  • Deposit possibilities in stablecoins (DAI, EURS, XCHF) via smart contract on Ethereum
  • Interconnection to liquidity providers
  • Insurance pay-out mechanism via smart contract

Be part of the change:

Passionate about creating a better banking model, for a better world, we have decided to offer equity tokens to fellow believers via Uniswap. Summary details are set out below.

  • ERC20 token, no KYC, freely exchangeable⁶
  • Equity in the company (1 token = 1 share)
  • Offered at a price as if purchasers were initial investors⁷
  • Listing to be announced soon


[1] In (early stage) operation in Switzerland today in USD, EUR and CHF. Testing since October 2019. Insured stablecoin deposits in DAI, EURS, XCHF in development for deployment to Ethereum mainnet (expected 2021).

[2] Even if bank insurance isn’t that real (it is more of a government guarantee to print more money to bail out banks, if needed) and has limits, most people perceive bank deposits as safe.

[3] We insist that liquidity finance pass through the blockchain, which provides transparency and eliminates disputes, which allows us to get attractive insurance cover and rates.

[4] For fiat deposits, CrescoFin acts as a fiduciary, so the depositor retains legal ownership of their funds. Title to funds and associated insurance cover is written to our permissioned chain (to comply with regulations) in the name of the depositor (and hashed to Ethereum) and this is recognized by Swiss law. We are replicating this for stablecoins, on Ethereum, where users will control their own keys.

[5] Bank for International Settlements, Q4, 2019.

[6] There will be a simple ERC20 token on Uniswap, wCRES; this token conveys equity ownership to the tokenholder and is designed to use the least gas possible. There are no admin keys for this token. In accordance with Swiss law, to vote and to receive dividends, the tokenholder has to register with the company. Voting and shareholder rights are managed from the linked CRES token, at the option of the tokenholder. This is also an ERC20 token, but it is expected to have higher gas costs.

[7] There are no outside investors to date. The founders have funded everything. No special deals for VCs ahead of the community.

From individuals in emerging markets to sophisticated institutions, we offer the same compelling deal to everyone: safety and yield. It is the first real DeFi alternative to a bank account.